Viol Music of Schenck

This program brings out the works of Dutch violist Schenck through the transformation of music in various European countries in the seventeenth century.


Time | 2024.09.28 (Sat) 19:30 / 2024.10.4 (Fri) 19:30

Venue | National Recital Hall / National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts

Fare | 600、1000、1500、2000

Tickerts | OPENTIX

Co-organizer | Netherlands office Taipei、Viola da Gamba Arts


Viola da gamba | Joshua Cheatham

Viola da gamba | Chun-Yuan Yang

Harpsichord | Alice Sheu

Viol Music of Schenck

Johan Schenck, renowned gamba virtuoso, born in Amsterdam and later enjoyed a career in the Duesseldorf

court. His music is testimony of the transitional style of the 17th century. In this program we start with music

for two viols by Scottish composer Hume, then go to various composers from the Goëss manuscripts, and via

music for two viols and continuo by Marais we arrive at the corpus of compositions by Schenck.


Tobias Hume:from Poeticall Musicke (London, 1607)

The Earle of Arundel’s Favoret, “Sweet Ayre”

The Lady Canes delight (An Almaine)

The Pashion of Musicke, Sir Christopher Hattons Choice

Orlando Gibbons:from Parthenia (London, 1613)

Fantasia of four parts

Suite of various composers from Goess manuscript (1664)

including John Jenkins, Constantijn Huygens, Dietrich Steffkins, Nicolas Hotman

John Jenkins:Ayre for bass viols and basso continuo in d minor, vdGS32

Marin Marias:from Pièces de viole, Livre I (1686)

Tombeau de Monsieur Meliton

Johan Schenck:Partita for Solo viola da gamba in d minor (Op. 9 No. 6)

Sonata for 2 viola da gamba (Op. 8 No.3)

Sonata for viola da gamba and b.c. (ad. lib) in F major (Op. 6 No. 2)

Suite for viola da gamba and b.c. in a minor (Op. 9 No. 2)

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